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Annual report 2012

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In 2012, we monitored the activities of our contractors more closely. During the year, five cases of injury resulting in absence occurred among contractors, contract staff, temporary employees and interns in the Netherlands (2011: 7). The number of reportable cases of injury per million hours worked in 2012 was 2.5, remaining well below the signal value of < 5.0 (2011: 4.3). This is our best result since we started to register reportables in this way (as of 2006). The number of pipeline incidents through (mechanical) excavation works fell to 5 (from 7 in 2011), precisely within the set signal value for 2012.

Good employment practices

The average headcount (in FTEs) fell slightly from 1,698 in 2011 to 1,684 in 2012. The average age rose from 45.5 to 47.1. In 2012, three WIA assessments were requested on account of whole or partial disability for work (2011: 3). In 2012, the Competence Management project was completed. Its aim was to enable the organisation to make better use of employees’ knowledge and skills in order to help the company achieve its strategic goals. As a result, our recruitment and selection process has become more transparent and more efficient.

Green gas

In 2012, the number of parties registered with Vertogas (producers and traders) rose to 39. The certified volume of green gas rose from 146.5 million kWh (15 million m3) in 2011 to 254 million kWh (26 million m3) in 2012. As part of our footprint reduction policy, we started to undertake the ‘greening’ of our fleet of cars in 2012.

Stakeholder management

In 2012, we continued to regularly engage with our stakeholders about our activities, consulting with people in the local community and with local governments on a variety of projects. The aim was to ensure that we cause as little inconvenience as possible to the local community, or to jointly find the best possible solution for embedding our infrastructure into the surrounding landscape. In 2012, as part of its stakeholder management activities, GTS organised Industry Days and Shipper Meetings. In the annual customer satisfaction survey held by GTS, customers gave GTS a good score: 7.2 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Environmental care

Our total CO2-equivalent emissions in 2012 were slightly higher than in 2011. This was mainly caused by the cold spells at the beginning and end of 2012: more natural gas had to be compressed, as a result of which more carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere. Our methane emissions in 2012 were down slightly compared to 2011. Although this cannot be ascribed to any one cause, a significant factor was that less gas was vented during our activities.

Responsible supply chain management and sustainability

In 2012, the initial results of the Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR) became available. This research surveyed the options available, in the light of the strong Dutch position, for facilitating the creation of a sustainable energy future. We have also been investigating a number of innovations in the field of smart grids, small-scale LNG and CO2-neutral gas transport.

Involvement in our local communities

In 2012, we also supported various social initiatives through sponsoring and donations. We again took part in two national environmental events in the Netherlands, the Night of the Night-time and Sustainability Day.